Namma Bengaluru Foundation

Who We Are

An organization working towards making Bengaluru a model city, with well-planned infrastructure, well laid out neighbourhood community models and people-driven governance measures.
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Our Foundation

We aim to be the voice of the people; a voice that needs to be heard and also a voice that needs to stay strong so that Bengaluru becomes a truly Global City.
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Get involved

Action Changes Things! Be part of the Namma Bengaluru family - Share your thoughts and your time as we join forces to make Bengaluru the best metropolis to live in.
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Our Campaigns


Together We Can Transform

We value our partnerships and hope to join hands with those longing for a Better Bengaluru.

What People Say

N.S. Ramakanth
NBF is a great organization that tries to uphold the citizens’ voice and persistently fight for their rights. It is because of such foundations that there is still some hope left for Bengaluru.
D.S. Rajashekar
NBF is a committed organization creating awareness among the common citizens to fight for their basic rights. It takes on civic issues, which most people don’t even dare talking about.
Vasanthi Hariprakash
It is one thing to form a foundation with the stated aim of 'working to make Bengaluru better', but another to walk its talk. Kudos to NBF for fighting to reclaim Bengaluru.
Kathyayini Chamaraj
NBF has strengthened citizens’ movements in Bengaluru to demand better governance and also bring sustainability in the growth of the city by protecting the city’s ecological resources.