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On 24 March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide #COVID lockdown. The whole city of Bengaluru and Business establishments shut down. This took heavy toll on the economy, particularly on vulnerable informal and migrant workers. With no jobs & income, these workers were unable to feed themselves and their families. Namma Bengaluru Foundation mobilized Funds and resources and launched “The Food Delivery Drive” on 28th March 2020. NBF in Association with several local organizations delivered Grocery kits and ready to eat food packets to the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities across 45 locations of Bengaluru. NBF’s Food Delivery Drive distributed over 1.5 lakh food packets, 2.8K grocery kits during the Lockdown period in Bengaluru. Our support drive continues. Join us by Donating.


Rs.240,000,000.00 donated of  Rs.250,000,000.00 goal


Rs.40,000.00 donated of  Rs.500,000.00 goal


Rs.67,362,129.00 donated of  Rs.100,000,000.00 goal


Rs.2540,000,000.00 donated of  Rs.10,000,000.00 goal

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Namma Bengaluru Foundation’s Food Delivery Drive

The Corona lockdown has affected the lives of homeless, unorganized sector daily wagers, domestic helpers, ragpickers, rickshaw drivers, handcart pullers, single parent mothers, construction workers, migrant workers and the urban poor the most in Bengaluru. They are struggling to cope with daily food demands. NBFs Food Delivery Drive launched on 28th March 2020 has and continues to reach thousands of such vulnerable and marginalised in Bengaluru.

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