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Bengaluru for Belladur: Rejuvenation Report

The landscape in and around Bangalore is dotted with hundreds of man-made lakes which were originally irrigation tanks constructed over the past centuries. They were also important as sources of drinking water, for washing, fishing and wider aquatic habitat. As the city grew, agricultural lands got converted into built-up areas,…...

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Save Bellandur Lake Action Plan

The killing of Bellandur Lake is an example of the rampant abuse of Namma Bengaluru. The future of our city lies in the government, citizens and civic society coming together to confront these real challenges to our city and reverse the trend of apathy, corruption and unplanned growth for the…...

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Survey on lake encroachment in Bengaluru

The following report has been compiled by the Namma Bengaluru Foundation through inspection visits made as per the direction of the land grab committee meeting held on the 31st of December 2013. The inspection was done for 16 lakes under BBMP, along with the official Mr. Keshav Murthy. We visited…...

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