If you’re a concerned Bengalurean and want to set an example for others to follow suit, then it’s time you take charge of the city and make a largescale impact. In your fight to restore our city’s lost glory, Namma Bengaluru Foundation and our Founder Trustee MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar will go all out to ensure your voice does not go unheard.

Join us in our fight to reclaim our city by addressing key issues like the failure of Government, take over of planning and development by vested interests at the cost of millions of Bengalureans, the decline of our neighbourhoods and to push for reforming and changing the Government and the way agencies work – from exploiting the city to serving the city’s citizens.

Grab your chance to be the change and support us in all our initiatives for your voice can reshape and decide the city’s future.

Fill in your details to support NBF and its effort to make Bengaluru a better city. 

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