Bengaluru Residents’ Associations Confederation Ensemble (BRACE)

BRACE is an initiative of NBF that promotes, facilitates and encourages citizen participation. BRACE is a registered consortium of 1400 Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) & citizens within the city of Bengaluru. Started in August 2013, BRACE is one of the largest RWA consortiums in the city of Bengaluru.

In coalition and partnership with BRACE, NBF envisages a greater accountability and participation of citizen/residents of Bengaluru where RWAs unite together and talk about local issues and take action and monitor progress. The formation of BRACE is based on a simple and fundamental principle that citizens need to come together in order to make a real difference in their own society. The mission is to give rise to and create a strong platform for a true people’s movement of advocacy, partnership and activism built around the issues of governance, planning, infrastructure and administration.

To Campaign in partnership with Residents Associations ( RAs) and Citizen Groups for a better Bengaluru, by promoting Govern Right, Govern Responsibly© (GRGR programme, copyright of Namma Bengaluru Foundation), to achieve reforms and greater transparency, to make Planning coping with the anticipated growth and to play a bigger role in steering the development of Bengaluru making citizens take an active and
informed interest in directing our city’s future through this mission to shape-in the long term vision for the city.

Any resident or association could subscribe to the Confederation and on acceptance by the board, become member of Executive Council. There will be no fees for regular or active membership. The Qualification for membership could be revised by a resolution of the GM. One membership for each RA’s will be taken into account for Confederation elections. Membership is not transferable and on transfer or termination of Resident Association, the membership terminates.

Code of Conduct
The members shall observe the following Code of Ethics:

  • The members shall work towards achievement of advancement of objects
  • The members shall work only for the benefit of the organization
  • The members shall follow the rules and regulations of BRACE. Members shall follow decorum and decency in any meetings, events or any other get-together s
  • BRACE shall have the right to discipline members not behaving and, in this regard, the event/project in-charge or the board members can take decision, however the chairman shall have final authority
  • The Managing Committee shall have the right to suspend or determine any membership if found to resort to practices contrary to the objects of the BRACE, such members however shall be given adequate opportunity to explain
  • Any member found not adhering to the rules and regulation or working against the interest of members/Confederation shall be disqualified to be member, suspended from Confederation
  • A suspended member on recommendation by either a Board or a disciplinary committee, after enquiry, be continued or removed from membership
  • A suspended member is not eligible to contest in election for office bearer or be part of committee or task force till reinstatement.

BRACE will support member groups, without any financial implications, unless the organisation offers voluntarily, to settle issues related to governance in the form of legal interventions.

A complete set of the certified charter and bylaws of Bengaluru Residents’ Associations’ Confederation Ensemble® & the MOU is available below:

BRACE Memorandum

In case you wish to join BRACE, please download and forward the filled form to our email id – nbf@namma-bengaluru.org

Brace Application

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