Save Earth Campaign

Save Earth, Save our Future – Earth Day Campaign

Save Earth, Save our Future - Earth Day Campaign

On the occasion of Earth Day 2022, Namma Bengaluru Foundation in association with Mount Carmel College Autonomous organized a “Save Earth, Save Our Future” campaign at the Indian Express Junction, Balekundri Circle today on 22nd April 2022.

With this year’s Earth Day theme being ‘Invest in our Planet’, more than 25 students and professors took part in the campaign to show our appreciation for Mother Earth and raise awareness on the need to honor the planet’s ecology and take action to save it.

Students in groups held placards and banners with slogans such as, ‘Save Trees, Save Earth’, Go Green, Go Cycling’, ‘Switch off your engine at Signal and Save fuel’, ‘Avoid using Plastics’, ‘Save Lakes, Save Namma Bengaluru’ and so on with the goal of creating awareness to invest in our planet and protect and preserve it for the future generations.


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