Makkala Kere Habba

The objective of this celebration is to encourage Kids to connect with their ‘Vicinity Lake’, explore and participate in preserving it and become a stakeholder in keeping their lake alive. NBF intends to conduct Makkala Kere Habba from Feb 2020 to up to a year, covering 10 lakes.

“Makkala Kere Habba” – A Celebration of bringing kids from schools and colleges together (both from Urban and Rural areas) for fun, entertainment, to encourage community participation and create awareness of History and issues of a lake.  Namma Bengaluru Foundation, together with schools, colleges and local Government kick started the first Kere Habba of the year. 

Jogi Kere (the first of the identified lakes) helped showcase the benefits of lakes in terms of community participation, student engagement with activities like Lake Walk, Painting competition, Tree plantation, Essay Writing and Quiz Competition, etc. to create and increased awareness of A particular lake. These activities will not only engage the children around the lake vicinity to be a part of the Habba but also will increase student participation and help them to learn about the lake, its heritage, its importance for a community to thrive on, advantages of lake rejuvenation, etc.

Residents and experts too joined the Habba that truly evoked community participation making it a true blue people’s movement to revive the essence of Bengaluru and its lakes.

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