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Quote from Harish Kumar, General Manger, Namma Bengaluru Foundation

Bengaluru is facing a serious crisis – a crisis that’s transforming it to being an unlivable city, posing challenges of health, mobility and environment to its residents. Bengaluru, being the Silicon Valley of the East, has seen unprecedented growth over the last 4 decades. This, however, has not been matched with adequate planning and creation of capacities in vital public services and amenities required for sustainable living in the city, such as end to end Water Management, Waste Management, Health, Energy, Mobility and Habitation for Urban Poor.

The killing of Lakes is an example of the rampant abuse of Namma Bengaluru. The future of our city lies in the government, citizens and civic society coming together to confront these real challenges to our city and reverse the trend of apathy, corruption and unplanned growth for the well- being of our future generations.

Namma Bengaluru Foundation as an organisation aims to represent the voice of the residents of Bengaluru. We encourage the public to act responsibly and work collectively for the betterment and welfare of the city. NBF has been conducting numerous campaigns on ground and online (lately) and has filed RTIs and PILs to address various environmental issues.

On this #WorldEnvironmentDay, let us Bengalureans do our best & save #Namma #Bengaluru. Segregate waste, plant more saplings, stop encroachment of lakes. Let’s give our children a clean & green Bengaluru. Let us Take the Pledge for a greener tomorrow: ‘Celebrate Biodiversity‘

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