Steel Flyover Beda: Bengaluru creates history

THE EFFORT: Bengalureans unite with #SteelFlyoverBeda chants to ensure the city’s future is not compromised at the hands of unplanned development.

THE IMPACT: Government of Karnataka buckles to the citizens’ demand and scraps the controversial 6.7 km steel flyover project from Chalukya Circle to Hebbal Flyover.

Namma Bengaluru Foundation welcomes this move by the Government and applauds the effort of every citizen who played an active part in this revolution. March 2, 2017 will go down in the history of the city as the day ‘Citizen Participation’ emerged victoriously. Be it through the human chain protest or the satyagraha, the citizens have led from the front and have opened the desperate doors of restoring #Bengaluru.

What is Bengaluru’s immediate need?

A comprehensive mobility plan must be provided that will look at alternative solutions with a due emphasis on protecting our environment and should be followed by due deliberate and effective public consultation.

What next for citizens?

While every citizen must celebrate this massive victory, it is worthwhile to ponder over what’s next and how each one of us should take this citizen participation to an all new level.

People of Namma city must now get more involved in city-related matters and voice their opinion at various public consultation forums. There needs to be a citizen-government dialogue at all times, which will not only ensure transparency but also lead to ideal solutions to our city’s various problems.

Citizens must ensure the government works towards a multi-year plan to assure the quality of life and not just sectoral mandates. Every aspect of the city’s development must follow a comprehensive process and citizens must be involved at all levels to ensure sustainability.

The government and parastatal agencies are responsible for our city and hence we must exercise our right to hold them accountable at all times. Every Bengalurean must become alerted and aware of what are the sore points of our city and how these issues can be tackled.

If we as a city unite and take a vow together to battle the innumerable problems Bengaluru faces – be it the garbage menace, the vanishing lakes, child and women safety, water crisis, corruption, lack of accountability etc. – then the chances of restoring the city’s lost glory are high.

Let’s stop being cribbers and become change makers, for a #UnitedBengaluru is the only way we can restore, reclaim and redesign Namma city.

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