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Bengaluru bulldozed, bruised, but NOT beaten

Bengaluru registers their anger against erring builders and corrupt government officials for jeopardizing the future of thousands of hardworking citizens!

Most Indians assume that the culture of rampant corruption, lawbreaking and mal-governance is ‘a way of life’ in our country, but what people overlook is that every state, city and its citizens would profit from saying ‘NO’ to these crimes. One such city that has today woken up to the menace of uncontrolled corruption and lack of accountability is – Namma Bengaluru.

In an unparalleled show of strength, citizens residing in some of the key areas affected by the recent BBMP demolitions joined Namma Bengaluru Foundation in raising their voice against those fraudulent builders and corrupt officials, who sanctioned numerous projects to be built on storm water drains. Over thousands of residents from – Doddabommasandra, Yelahanka, Attur, Ramchandrapura village, Thindlu, Thirumenahalli, Hebbal Sarovar Layout and Chokkanahalli – today made way to NBF canters stationed to encourage citizens to report illegalities and irregularities in demolitions to the Namma Bengaluru Citizens Committee.

Not only did the residents show keenness in lending wholehearted support to ensure their city is released from the clutches of vested interests, but they also willingly signed a petition to the Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri Siddaramaiah demanding:

  • No double standards in demolishing illegal constructions, where rich and well connected are excluded.
  • Compensation on Humanitarian grounds to the victims and the displaced who have homes with BBMP plan approvals.
  • Prosecution without exception of All Guilty Government Officials and Erring Builders under all relevant sections of all Laws Violated.

Expressing angst against the civic body, a resident of Doddabommasandra area said, “The BBMP demolished out houses without prior notice. Some of us have been living in this area for many years now, and what we had was all part of our ancestral property. There is no rajakaluve here, and yet the officials went ahead and shattered our whole life!”

500 physical signatures in one day and counting, this collective call for putting an end to corruption and unlawful activities is testimony that Bengalureans have had enough and want the State Government to ACT before city is buried alive! Corruption is the true enemy of development, and if people of Bengaluru want their city to dominate the global landscape of expansion then the fight for accountability and justice from the government MUST endure.

(If you are a victim of the demolition drive OR if you have suffered at the hands of corrupt officials, share all details and documents with the Namma Bengaluru Citizens Committee. Write at: nbcc@namma-bengaluru.org. Your identity will be kept confidential)

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