Bengaluru’s traffic woes

Bengaluru today faces many challenges – Waste management, Water crisis, Dying lakes, Endangered environment, unsafe neighbourhoods, etc. – characterized by years of unplanned growth, adhoc and reactive solutions that often make problem worse.

Namma Bengaluru Foundation is focused on encouraging partnerships like #UnitedBengaluru, BRACE etc. across our city to address these challenges.

Mobility and Transportation is one such problem that is being faced by Bengalureans and NBF was pleased to partner with Flipkart Gridlock Hackathon held in July 2017, which was a one-of-a-kind initiative to crowdsource innovative, implementable solutions to resolve #Bengaluru’s traffic woes.

Haphazard growth has added immense stress on Bengaluru’s mobility infrastructure. What our city today, however, needs is a comprehensive mobility plan that will not only improve the current scenario, but also provide long-term solutions to this raging menace.

We at NBF believe:

1. Public transport systems have to handle ever-larger passenger volumes, which is possible only by increasing throughput and reducing intervals between the various facilities. 

2. One of the immediate priorities is a better integration of the different transport modes available to improve the overall efficiency of the system. 

3. There is also an immediate need to promote and propagate carpooling to decongest roads. Carpooling will not only reduce the traffic congestion but will also help improve air quality in the city. Another avenue Bengalureans can explore is use of self-driven cars, which can be crucial in alleviating traffic problems. This can eliminate stop-and-go waves caused by human driving behavior, thereby reducing traffic congestion. 

4. An analytical backbone must be built for the city, which can serve as an input for urban planning. This should aid multiple scenario analysis in the long run.

NBF will closely work with the three winners of the Gridlock Hackathon along with several other participants to develop sustainable workable solutions to Bengaluru’s traffic challenges.

We urge citizens to connect with us and provide suggestions to decongest our city. Let’s together work towards reclaiming and protecting the city we love so much by improving transport mobility.

You can reach out to us at: nbf@namma-bengaluru.org

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