Empowering Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee

Given the haphazard growth our city has witnessed in the last few years, what Bengaluru today needs is a proper statutory long-term plan. Matters relating to the planning of the city must to be placed before the Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee (BMPC) where members have to discuss the various projects transparently. Members of the BMPC have a fundamental duty and obligation towards the city, and thus have to act in support of the right and constitutional process of planning of Bengaluru.

Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) and Citizens Action Forum (CAF) sent a joint letter on November 25, 2016 to all members of the BMPC reminding them of their role in the preparation of the Master Plan 2031 and the overall planning of the city.

The letter clearly highlights that it is imperative that the BMPC is involved in every stage of preparation of the Vision Document and Master Plan 2031 and must in fact lead the effort supported by Government agencies.

Key points:

  • Preparation of Master Plan 2031 is at an advanced stage and the contractor engaged for the same has already submitted the visioning document for consideration to the Bangalore Development Authority.
  • The BMPC have not been involved in the finalization of the visioning document.
  • Committee formed by BDA to review the document and the Master Plan 2031 does not comprise of a single member of the BMPC.
  • Decisions regarding planning in the city, especially with regard to infrastructure and mobility projects that are not a part of the current Master Plan 2015, are also being implemented without any discussion within the BMPC

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