Karnataka Municipalities Act, 1964

This Act is applicable to urban areas with a population of less than 3 lakh.
Section 179 and 181 of the Act, applies to all buildings irrespective of them being commercial or residential.

Section 187 of the Act mentions the circumstances in which constructions may not be permitted. Sub-section 3(d) (i) mentions the circumstances wherein permission can be refused which includes contravention of any provision of any law, rule, order, or bye-law under any law.

Section 189 empowers the Government to prohibit the erection of buildings in certain areas without permission, in public interest, and impose a penalty of Rs. 200 for violation

Section 190 states that failure to procure occupancy certificate from the concerned official can be penalised with Rs. 100. Continued violation of the same, will attract an additional fine of Rs. 10 per day.

Section 323 empowers the Municipal Council to make bye-laws in order to regulate the erection of buildings for shops, market places, etc., in residential areas. Violation of the same would lead to a penalty of Rs. 500.

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